You want to tell the world about what you do – but how?

You need a communications strategy. This will include a variety of different methods to build your profile, consolidate your brand and market your products or services.

Wild West Communications will work with you to reach your target audience. Choose as many or as few of our services that meet your objectives.

We are tech savvy, but depending on the complexity of projects we coordinate with top professionals in the field: designers, web developers, marketers and professional bloggers. We bring the perfect team together. We function as an extension of your business, just like an in-house communications department.




A strong website is the first step in a marketing communications strategy. Customers and clients find you, and evaluate your products and services, through your online presence.The secret of web writing is a balance of creativity and simplicity.

  Press releases

Newspapers, broadcasters and websites have an insatiable appetite for information. They want to hear from you, but only if it engages and entertains their audience. A press release must be targeted to ensure that your core message becomes breaking news.


A well crafted newsletter keeps customers and clients informed and involved - and you get to control the content. These days you get the choice of traditional print version (with a pdf on your website) or directing an e-newsletter into people's inboxes.

  Social media

Social media is all about user-generated content -Individuals creating a global conversation. It is an ideal venue for your message if you know how to engage the online community. It's about interaction rather than conventional advertising.

  Technical writing,
proposals and reports

Technical writing encompasses all factual writing, such as policy & procedural manuals, instructions and reports. It's about turning the complex language of subject matter experts into documents that are accessible for everyone.

  Brochures, rack cards and promotional materials

Create awareness and raise your profile through distinct promotional materials: brochures, rack cards, product reviews, advertorials, posters and more. It's about reaching people with an attention-grabbing blend of form and content.


Professional research services include fact-finding, source identification and gathering materials that support a specific message. Relying on facts, from reputable sources, keeps you focused, influential and helps build trust.


A clear, focused message engages the reader. Editing is more than correcting grammatical errors - it is the art of consolidating the message by revising for clarity, length and style. Editing creates powerful content that persuades and informs readers.


We capture the images your newsletters, websites and promotional materials require. Using one company to produce text and photographs will synthesize the final product. Images and text need to match to create a professional appearance.