We tell your story!

You’re passionate about what you do – and you want to convey that message beyond your front door. If you have a product or service that you sell, or if your mission is to educate or entertain, let us tell your story!

When deadlines are tight and budgets are limited, the challenge is getting the message out. And that’s where we come in.

Vancouver-based Wild West Communications was formed by Matthew Wild, journalist and communications specialist.

In a fiercely competitive market it’s not enough to just have a website. You need to reach out to people using a variety of media. Involve, entertain and inform them.

We will work with you to create captivating messages to tell the world about who you are and what you do – whether you require assistance for one specific project or to develop a targeted communications strategy.

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Our clients are:



Manufacturing, sales or a service industry... you are vying for people’s attention. Customers today expect communication, involvement and connection.

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Scientific, technical and educational materials demand a blend of innovative, stimulating and straightforward language. Let your work project a highly professional image.

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Community organizations, social and cultural groups promote diverse ideas and activities that enrich lives. Let your message inspire people to be a part of what you do.

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Blogs, hobby sites, family history and biography get you in contact with like-minded people across the world. Discover who's out there, you never know where it may lead.

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